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Following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday and clarification today, UK accommodation is set to re-open on 4th July (subject to there being no rise in the number of Covid19 cases).

We look forward to welcoming you all back to The Wescoe & to Blackpool.

Rest assured that we will be doing all we can to ensure your safety. On top of our usual thorough cleaning there will be additional procedures such as sanitising surfaces, switches, knobs and handles. Because of the extra preparations needed in preparing rooms we will no longer be accepting one-night bookings nor handling cash.

Since our breakfast room is relatively small we will be able to seat just a small number of guests in the dining room for breakfast (8 – 14); we will be moving over to room service for other guests for the foreseeable future eliminating contact with staff and other guests. In these cases breakfast will be delivered on a tray to your bedroom door and disposable plates etc will be used as well as individual portions of items wherever possible.

Evening meals/snacks may be purchased and eaten in your bedroom or dining room (subject to numbers); contactless payment will be required with your order.

Finally, please be aware that, in the same way that shops have to adhere to reduced numbers of people inside, the same will apply to hotels. We are not yet sure of the exact numbers we will be able to accept, but along with the demise of foreign travel, Staycations are going to be very popular at a time when hotel capacity is being reduced. It makes sense to book your UK break NOW!


2 Responses to “4th July … possible re-opening date!”

  1. Craig McManus

    Hi folks, I hope you’re well. We stayed with you about 2 years ago. You might remember us? I was the bloke that was going to North Korea, do you remember me saying? Well, I went! It was amazing! I’ll show you the pictures when we get back to your place. I’m thinking July 22nd for 3 nights, however, things will have to be much brighter than they are now of course. Pubs, restaurants open etc. Fingers crossed. Take care, stay safe.

    • Ange

      Hi Craig … yes, I remember as it was such an unusual place to be going! The Govt are saying we can reopen 4th july at the earliest (hotels, bars, restaurants etc etc) so your dates should be fine. We are likely to be running at 50% capacity when we reopen so it’s a good idea to make your booking. Don’t worry, I’m not taking deposits so any booking is financially risk free for you and you could change dates subject to availabilty.
      I don’t recall which room you had before but here are some prices: small double ensuite without breakfast £44 per night (2 people) or £50 per night with. Sandard double ensuite without breakfast £49 per night, or £55 with. Superior double ensuite without breakfast £62 per night, £68 with.
      Stay safe, angie


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