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Should further restrictions be imposed on hospitality next week, our aim at the wescoe is to help smooth your planned trip to Blackpool.

Should cafes/restaurants be forced to close (early? completely? in which areas?) we at the wescoe will be offering a temporary snack and meal menu with reasonably priced hot and cold items.

Orders will be taken by text to reduce unnecessary contact and may be delivered to your bedroom door or the dining room according to your preference. Meals may be eaten in our dining room, subject to the usual social distancing rules.

The national rules remain that pubs/bars must close at 10pm; as we do not have a bar we suggest that you bring your own supplies from home. These may be drunk only in your bedroom.

If any other changes are announced which would impact your stay we will let you know, but currently you are allowed to travel to Blackpool (unless you live in certain areas of Wales or Scotland) and are welcome to come and enjoy some well-earned “me time”.



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